• John Gordon Leslie Campbell

  • John Gordon Leslie Campbell (or Gordon as he was known) was the youngest child of John and Elizabeth Campbell.  He was born at Kilburnie in 1894, and died at Biloela in 1974.

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Black and white photograph of John Gordon Leslie (Gordon) Campbell in his Light Horse Uniform, taken in a studio.  He wears a cap instead of the slouch hat, military tunic, riding breeches, leather leggings and boots, and carries a riding crop.

John Gordon Leslie (Gordon) Campbell was living & working with his family on "Kilburnie" when he enlisted in the 5th Light Horse at the age of 21.  After departing Australia in May 1916, he spent three years in Egypt and the Middle East, returning in 1919.  Gordon took up "Craiglands", situated to the north of Kilburnie, on his return from WWI, and in 1938 he married Christian Telford, of Rockhampton.  They had two daughters, Helen Margaret Campbell, born 1940; and Heather Elizabeth Campbell, born 1943.  Gordon passed away in Biloela in 1974.

The Fifth Light Horse

The 5th Light Horse Regiment was recruited from Queensland, and became part of the Second Light Horse Brigade.  Gordon Campbell was part of the 18th Reinforcements for the 5th Light Horse.  https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/U51039

Gordon Campbell's WWI Diaries

During his time with the 5th Light Horse, Gordon Campbell kept diaries, four in total, detailing day-to-day life as part of the AIF during World War I.  At the time of writing this, we have transcribed two of his diaries and are working on transcription of the third.  Below is an extract from his first diary, describing part of the voyage from Australia to Port Said.

Entry from 5th June 1916 Continued:
Payday cancelled mine till arrival in Egypt. Morey went into hospital.
- 6th Tuesday:- practicing signalling, also signed for hammock; a steamer passed us.
- 7th Wed. On hammock guard.
- 8th Thursday. Had some rifle drill. Had wireless stating about 29 German boat sunk.
- 9th Frid. On main guard. A very large troop ship with returned men passed very close to our boat. Morey discharged from hospital, looking very weak.
- 10th Saturday. Came off guard at 7AM. A cargo boat passed close by in the morning. Land in sight about 10AM very close on both sides about 2PM and small town in view to starboard, supposed to be Aden. Rifle drill in morning. Sent 5 P.C. (postcards) - 4 home - 1 Alice. Passed the 12 Apostles about midnight.
- 11th Sunday. Church parade at 10AM. A French boat passed. Got Book of Davies The Great Hayard - very good also lent me Life & Her Convict Husband – both rotten.

Additional image
Black and White photo of Fred Morey and John Gordon Leslie (Gordon) Campbell taken in the Middle East during World War I.  They both wear pith helmets, light coloured shirts, and knee-length shorts with leggings and boots.  The picture is taken in a Studio in front of a painted backdrop.
"Morey" mentioned in this diary entry was Fred Morey, Gordon Campbell's good friend who had enlisted in the AIF at the same time and was travelling with him on the Seang Choon. Above is a photograph of Fred (L) and Gordon (R) taken once they arrived in their camp at Tel-El-Kebir.




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