John Campbell
Biography of John Campbell

John Campbell was a Presbyterian Scotsman living in Northern Ireland at the time he chose to immigrate to Australia.  His brothers (six surviving we believe) had all chosen to move to America, so we are not sure what motivated John to choose Australia.  John intended his fiance, Elizabeth to wait in Ireland until he sent for her, but she elected to elope with him to Australia.  After marrying in Brisbane (on 6th September 1873 at The Wickham Terrace Manse of the Presbyterian Church), they worked for a time in the Maryborough area, and eventually found jobs on "Dumgree" Station near Gladstone, where their first four children were born.  John selected Kilburnie (Kilbirnie) and was granted the 10000 acres in around 1883. After constructing stockyards, housing and securing a water supply, John and Elizabeth moved permanently to Kilburnie in around 1885.  Their four youngest children were all born at Kilburnie.  John initially bred Clydesdale horses and sheep on his property, but later changed over to beef cattle, introducing the first Hereford Cattle into the Banana Shire.


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