About Q-Album


Q-Album opens the pages of Queensland's history by sharing the heritage collections of cultural organisations from around the state.


Browse historical photos, documents, maps and records to see what Queensland was like and how the State’s culture has been shaped over time.

You can search across the site, or navigate it by place, map, timeline, or theme. When you find something of interest you can find out more about the item, its historical context and background, as well as other items related to it. 

The site also enables you to compare old photos of locations and buildings with modern day versions using Google streetview.

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Q-Album provides history groups, museums and libraries with an easy-to-use online platform to share their collections with the rest of Queensland.

Features include:

  • direct access to create and maintain collections
  • account pages to brand and help promote collections
  • ability to provide the historical context of collection items
  • geo-mapping that allows visitors to compare location images of the past and the present
  • a mobile-first platform that works seamlessly across multiple devices
  • a low bandwidth website that is accessible across the State.

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Further information

Q-Album has been created by Queensland State Archives in partnership with Gaia Resources. It was developed as part of the Advance Queensland program.

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