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Longreach Leader,

Saturday 10 April 1943, page 10



Portion of the Winton Club building was destroyed by a fire which commenced about 1.30 p.m. on Monday last. The portion of the building burnt comprised the bar, billiard room, office, lounge, bathroom, visitors' room and store room, and that remaining, the reading, writing and card rooms. Fittings, furniture and stock in trade were also destroyed and old records in connection with the club were lost. The Winton Fire Brigade quickly brought two hoses to bear on the conflagration and saved about one third of the building. Flames and smoke soared many feet high and as the building was mainly of wood, the members of the brigade did excellent work in getting the fire under control. The adjoining building, occupied by Q.C.W.A. as a rest room, caught fire on one occasion but the flames were soon extinguished. An excellent pressure and supply of water was available, for the fire fighting. The origin of the fire is unknown. The outbreak occurred when the steward, Mr. V. Campbell, was at home for lunch. The building was insured with the Yorkshire Insurance and Manchester Assurance Companies.


The Winton Club was first founded in1913. The first building was a rented cottage, which burnt down in 1916. A new building was erected, with various additions happening over the years.

It was here in the visitor’s room that the first official Board Meeting of QANTAS Ltd was held on February 9th, 1921.

The Club was again burnt down in 1943. The majority of the building was saved and until 1955, various rooms and facilities were added.

The Winton Club was initially for the local graziers, but as years progressed, property management changed, employing less staff to operate a property, and therefore graziers has less time to enjoy the Winton Club. The popularity of the Club slowly declined to present day, with the Club holding various functions, including weekly and monthly meetings and activities.

Courtesy of: Experience Winton


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