Town Hall, Mount Morgan

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Darling Downs Gazette, Wednesday 27th June 1900

Premier’s Tour: Visit to Mount Morgan

Mount Morgan, June 25th

A public reception was given to the Hon R. Philp at the Town Hall to-day, at 10 o'clock, in which 2,000 children participated. The Mayor welcomed the Premier, who briefly replied. Several deputations were then received, and Mr. Philp in replying said he would endorse the council’s application for the release from the Rockhampton epidemic board, and he would recommend provision for the formation of a cadet corps, Mounted Infantry, and half a battery of artillery. He promised additional rifles for the rifle club, and agreed to assist the school committee, and provide more accommodation. He would inquire whether it was possible to grant concessions to enable scholarship winners to travel to Rockhampton. He approved of assistance being given for the formation of outside roads, of deep sinking, cheap assays, and reduction in rents of leases.

The Agricultural Society waited by deputation upon the Hon J. V. Chataway, who promised a subsidy to the Society.

June 26th:

The Premier and his party went over the big mine yesterday afternoon, and were entertained 'at a conversazione last night. The Hon. R. Philp said he hoped in the coming session that there would be plenty of criticism, but not obstruction. The Hon. J. V. Chataway made an excellent patriotic speech.




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