Architectural plans of the Roma Street Police Station, Brisbane
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Telegraph, Tuesday 1 April 1924, page 5

Police Headquarters. Will Roma Street Remain? Said to be Unsuitable

Since 1879 metropolitan police headquarters have been located on the triangular piece of land of which Turbot street is the base, and Albert and Roma streets the sides. Whether or not the barracks will longer remain there is a question now receiving the attention of the Government.

The charge of unsuitability has been levelled at the present building. At yesterday's meeting of the City Council a letter was received from the Home Secretary in which on offer was made to the city authorities of the present barracks, markets being suggested as a possible use for the site.

The offer does not infer, however, that the Government has definitely decided to rebuild the barracks elsewhere. As a fact, consideration is now being given to the enlarging of the building, but most probably, should the council's offer make it worth while, the Government will build a new headquarters.

To anyone who has visited the Roma street barracks, the lack of space is one of the first impressions received. Even from the outside some idea of this is obtained. The distance between the fence and the building is very small, indeed the only open space is the little park at the apex of the triangle. Ventilation, too, could be better, the staff offices particularly being cramped for room.

It is understood that a site has been suggested should a now building be erected and that this site would help considerably towards the bringing together of the Government offices.

In 1886 the lack of space compelled the building of an addition, and in 1901 a third story was put on the other two. Perhaps 1924 will see further additions, for the fear has been expressed that Turbot street will spoil the site for use as a market place.




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