Black and White photograph of William Blair Campbell in the Kilburnie Saddling Yard with his bay horses.  He is riding one, and leading two packhorses loaded with gear.  He wears a wide-brimmed hat and work clothes, and is smoking a cigarette.

William Campbell was the fourth surviving child of John and Elizabeth Campbell, and the last of the family to be born at "Dumgree" before they moved to "Kilburnie" in 1885.  On 21 July, 1908, William married Gladys Eldrid Vivian Rolfe (daughter of Joseph Rolfe and Harriet Myers of Springsure, Qld).  For a time they lived at Kilburnie, before moving to William's selection "Inverness", located between Kilburnie ahd Dumgree. 

William & Gladys Campbell's children

Vivian Blair Campbell b. 22 August 1909, d.29 November 1982

Leslie John Campbell b. 29 June 1914, d. 1966

Colin Campbell b. 1916, d.

Tragically, Gladys died in childbirth with their daughter in 1921.


Additional image

Image below shows Gladys with (l to r) Vivian, Colin, and Leslie.

Black and white photograph of Gladys Campbell and sons Vivian, Colin & Leslie.  She is seated on a chair in the garden and appears to be reading the children a book.

Gladys Campbell's Grave: Gladys died in Rockhampton, Qld, and is buried in the old cemetery.






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