• Sister Beryl Campbell and the Rockhampton Hospital

  • Beryl Anderson Campbell, youngest daughter of John and Elizabeth, was a trainee nursing sister in Rockhampton, graduating in 1910.  We have a number of photographs in our Kilburnie Collection of the Hospital and Staff.

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Black and white photograph taken at Rockhampton hospital showing newly graduated nurses, and staff members surrounding a doctor, who is seated centrally in the front row.  The nurses wear starched white uniforms and caps, and the doctor wears a light coloured suit. A second gentleman at the right of the front row may be the anaesthetist.

Sister Beryl Campbell is fourth from left, at the rear of this photograph.  After graduating from her training at the Rockhampton General Hospital, she went on to be Matron of Marmor Hospital before enlisting in the Australian Army Nursing Service at the outbreak of World War One in 1914.

Operating Theatre, Rockhampton General Hospital

This photograph shows an operation (either staged, or real) taking place in the operating theatre at Rockhampton General Hospital.  It was taken c.1910 by Walter Perroux.  We are not 100% sure if Beryl Campbell is in this photograph, however the nurse at far left could well be Beryl.

Walter E. Perroux was a well known, prolific and popular photographer of the late 1800s, early 1900s who opened a studio in Toowoomba.   Perroux who began his business in Mackay travelled widely throughout Queensland and was a regular photographic contributor to local newspapers including The Queenslander in the early twentieth century.

Black and white photograph of an operation taking place in the operating theatre of Rockhampton General Hospital.  A doctor and eight nurses surround a patient lying on a bed, with his face being held under chloroform by the anaesthetist.







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