Black and white photograph of Rachel Rose Campbell, possibly taken on her wedding day.  She wears what appears to be a fur stole, and a dress with intricate detailing on the cuffs over an elegant white blouse.  Her hair is swept up in an elegant style.  She reclines on one elbow, smiling.



Biography of Rose Campbell

Rachel Rose Campbell was the fourth child of John and Elizabeth Campbell, and the third one to survive infancy.  She eloped with James Joseph Daley to South Africa, where they were married in a civil ceremony on 25th April, 1910, at the Magistrate's Office, Johannesburg.  James was the son of Nicholas Joseph Daley and Margaret Moroney, and a Catholic, so therefore not an approved suitor for Rachel, which explains the elopement.  (The Campbell's were devout Presbyterians and Orangemen).

Daley Family in Canada

Rachel and James' first child, John Campbell Daley ("Jack") was born on 26th August, 1911 at Johannesburg, South Africa.  We believe that Rachel and James had gone to South Africa initially to stay with Rachel's brother Thomas Campbell.  Sometime between the birth of John and 1913, the Daleys immigrated to Alsask, Saskatchewan, Canada, where they established a farm.  Their next three children, all daughters, were born at Alsask;  Elizabeth Brydges Daley was born on 20th May, 1913; Sheila Merid Daley was born on 22nd August, 1915; Peggy Daley was born on 14th Oct, 1917.  Rachel and James also acquired more land in Campbell County, Wyoming, USA.

The deaths of Rachel & James

Tragically, both Rachel and James Daley died within days of each other of the Spanish Influenza epidemic that swept the world in 1918.  Their four children were taken in by neighbours and word was sent to John Campbell at Kilburnie.  He arranged for his daughters Beryl and Alice Campbell to travel to Canada to bring the Daley children home to Kilburnie to be raised among family.  The Daley lands in Canada and Wyoming were sold to help fund the children's upkeep, and they all received good educations at private schools in Australia.  Peggy was adopted by Alice, while Jack, Elizabeth and Sheila were raised by spinster Aunts May and Ruby at Kilburnie until they were old enough to leave home and pursue careers.




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