Sweeping view of Wickham Terrace showing a dirt road and numerous wooden houses

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The Brisbane Courier
Sat 26 June 1886

Friday 25 June

Before Mr. Pinnock, P.M.

DRUNKENESS - Four drunkards were discharged, and one was fined 5s, or six hours' imprisonment - Margaret Marshall was fined £2, or forty-eight hours' imprisonment.

Disorderly Conduct - Harry Fischer, for being disorderly on the Ipswich-road, was fined £2 or forty-eight hours' imprisonment. - Ann M'Cormack, for using obscene language, was fined £3 or fourteen days' imprisonment. There were forty-five previous convictions against the accused, making a conviction for each year of her life.

Vagrancy - John Kelly, 19 years of age, was charged with vagrancy. After hearing the evidence of Constable M'Quaker, the accused was given seven days' notice to clear out of town.

Before Mr. W. H. Day, water police magistrate.

Larceny = Alexander Campbell, charged with the larceny of a clock, was discharged, to appear when called upon, owing to the refusal of the prosecuting witness to attend the court, for which a warrant will be issued.

John Sullivan was charged with stealing a coat from Mr. Steinthall's draper's shop in George-street. The evidence showed that the accused had taken the coat, which was hanging outside the shop. A boy within saw him and gave chase. Constable Egan, who was on plain clothers duty, noticed the accused running down Tank-street and throw a bundle into the bushes. He arrested him, when the boy came up and claimed the coat, which the accused had thrown away. The prisoner, on being charged in the usual manner, pleaded guilty. He showed that he had been working, as was fined £1, or one month's imprisonment, after Mr. Pinnock had repeated his views upon the practice of shopkeepers exhibitng goods outside their windows.

Martha E. L Sully was charged with having stolen property in her possession. The accused was in the employment of Mrs. Buchanan, residing on Wickham-terrace. The latter had made a complaint to the Detective Office, and Detective Armitage saw the accused at the house of Mrs. Buchanan. He asked her to let him examine her box, when he found a quatity of linen, a bracelet, some spoons, and a silk pocket handkerchief. At this stage the case was adjourned for the attendanve of Mrs. Buchanan. The accused was allowed bail on the recognisance of her father.

George Singh, John Pedro, John Francis and George Mazza, Cingalese, were charged on remand, with breaking into Mr. G. Bishop's store, Melbourne-street, South Brisbane, on Sunday night last. Mr. Bishop deposed to finding the window of the shop broken, and missing the stolen goods which he identified; he also found the door broken open.

Frederick Denby was charged with stealinga box of cake tobacco from Thurlow's grocery store in Queen-street, at about 6 o'clock last night. Sub-inspector Graham prosecuted. From the evidence it appeared that the prisoner was seen taking the tobacco from the shop by a man named John Speik, who gave him in charge to Constable Downey. At the conclusion of the evidence, the prisoner was remanded.

Patrick E Pelly was charged with larceny of a quantity of cake tobacco. Constable M'Quaker, who was on plain clothes duty, from information received, went to a Chinese den in Mary-street, and found the tobacco there; the owner of the den told him he had got it from the accused, who M'Quaker arrested shortly afterwards in Albert-street.

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