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Daily Mercury, Tuesday 19 September 1950, page 2

Housewives happier now

Boost to service by transformers

Installation of boosters transformers in parts of the city have brought a big improvement in power supply.

The move brought a “chorus” of approval from housewives in the affected areas who formerly were handicapped by low power at peak periods.

Engineer manager of the Mackay City Council Electric Light Undertaking (Mr G E Wellerd) said yesterday more booster transformers were to be installed in the city.


Inquiries by the ‘Mercury’ yesterday revealed there have been big improvements in supply to areas where the new transformers had been installed

The improvement was so great in several cases house-wives found they were burning cakes and biscuits in electric ovens. They had to “readjust” themselves to cooking under a better power supply.

Residents in the boosted areas have noticed –

Improved lighting. Quicker water heating. Hotter stoves. Better service from jugs and refrigerators.

Grendon-street, North Mackay

Mrs A P Bowerman, of Evan-street: Since the installation of a booster transformer at Marsh-street the power supply had been quite satisfactory.

Mrs M J Beirne, Donaldson-street: It has made a big different to us. We practically had no power at all before the new transformer was put in. One night I had sausages in the pan from 5.10 to 6’50 pm and they were still uncooked. Now my stove gets red hot if I put it on to “high”/ The lights are better too.

Father B Cahill, Presbytery, Canberra-street, North Mackay: The power supply has been very good lately. We have been very lucky, with no breaks or trouble of any kind. Everything seems satisfactory, and the hot water system is working very well.


Booster transformers have been installed in –

Marsh-street, off Beach-road – should improve services in Rae-Street, Beach road, George-street East, Hoey-street, Marsh-street and adjoining streets. South Goldsmith-street, adjacent to McKenney-street - voltage lifted in this sector. Juliet-street, end of Kippen-street – light and power supply improved immediately transformer was put into operation. Holland-street near Bridge-road – improvement to service in West Mackay area.

Comments when the “Mercury” rang householders in the affected areas yesterday included:

Mrs C R Rickard, Juliet-street: The improvement has been marvellous. Before the installation of the transformer our refrigerator would not even work at times. Now it gives us no trouble and we have a good steady supply of electricity.

One housewife said, “Even the toast is done quicker now.”

Mr Wellerd said when conditions permitted further booster transformers would be installed in –

George-street West, adjacent to James-street. Quarry-hill area, North Mackay. Nebo-road, adjacent to Mackay showgrounds (This will improve light and power conditions in Shakespeare-street west, and in other streets in that area.)



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