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Sunday Mail, Sunday 20 December 1953, page 11

Night life boost on South Coast

A “cabaret-ballroom” and a “tropical entertainment garden” will give a boost to night-life on the South Coast this year.

These added evening attractions bring Queensland’s “Gold Coast” in line with southern holiday resorts.

At the newly renovated Southport Hotel last night nearly 400 people attended the official opening by the Premier (Mr Gair) of the new “cabaret-ballroom”.

It will hold several hundred people, and is air-conditioned and sound-proofed (for the convenience of house-guests), and opens out on to a cool terrace.

A four-piece band will play for dancers and floorshows may be introduced later.

A buffet dinner of elaborately prepared seafoods was served to guests in the newly-finished ball-room.

This spacious room, panelled in light woods, has double and single chairs of modern design finished in brightly-coloured plastics.

Glass doors along one side open out on to the terrace where guests may look across at the yachts in the Basin.

Guest of honour was Mrs M Fitzgibbons, senior, who owned the Southport Hotel 50 years ago.

Host and hostess were Mr and Mrs M A Fitzgibbon and their two sons.

At the Cecil Hotel, in Nerang Street, a new “tropical Entertainment Garden” will be opened on Boxing Night.

The dining room will be converted into a ballroom twice a week.




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