Exterior of the grand post office and war memorial perched on a hill

News of the day

Capricornian, Saturday 21 August 1875, page 530


The Mercury of the 14th says :-

The sum of £800 has, we notice, been put upon the Estimates for the construction of a Post and Telegraph Office at Mackay. This has not been done at all too soon; we were promised a new Post-office long ago, the present place used for that purpose being wholly inadequate to the requirements of Mackay. We hope that now the money is voted no time will be lost in commencing the week, and that the building, when completed, will be a greater ornament to the town than most of the Government builldings hitherto constructed.

Although it is now upwards of a year since a sum of £9000 was voted for a bridge over the Pioneer River, it seems to be almost as far off as ever it was. No active steps appear to be taken, and, according to present appearances, it will yet be a long time before we shall enjoy uninterrupted intercourse between the north and south sides fo the river. We believe a little iron work and some barrels of tar arrived a few weeks ago, and we heard at the time that a contract had been let for some of the timber. Up to this time, however, none of it has arrived, nor can we hear of its being on the way. Even when a promise is, after much trouble, extorted from the Government to attend to some of the public requirements of this district, they always systematically put as many obstacles as possible in the way of any work being speedily executed. Evidentely Mackay is in no favour with the present Government, and any concessions we do manage to obtain are always grudgingly granted.




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