Tattersalls Hotel, Winton

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Capricornian, Saturday 4 January 1896, page 33

We had a very quiet Christmas - no sports, no races. The publicans spoke of getting up a day's racing, and the athletes endeavoured to get up a day's foot races, but both projects fell through. A scratch game of cricket on the open ground in front of the post office, and a scratch Tug of war at Tattersalls Hotel were the only public amusements. At mid-night on Christmas eve the Salvationists, assisted by a few townspeople, went round singing Christmas hymns and wakened a few slumbering citizens from their peaceful dreams. The shops on Christmas eve were open till about ten o'clock at night, and appeared all to be doing fair business.


The oldest standing hotel in Winton, Tattersalls Hotel is open 7 days a week, Lunch & Dinner, Cold beer with old fashioned service. We also operate a 52 site van park all powered sites, amenities, free washing machines, generous size sites.

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