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Telegraph, Tuesday 14 February 1939, page 3


Hartley's Building Purchased

Within the next few weeks Bayards Pty., Ltd., the big South Brisbane drapery firm, will transfer their business to Queen Street, city. They have purchased the premises occupied by Hartleys, Pty., Ltd., between Albert and Edward Streets. The managing director of Bayards Pty., Ltd (Mr. Harry Bayard), stated today that the growth of business made the move necessary.

"Our business now needs larger, more modern and more centrally situated premises.” he said. "When we transfer to Queen Street we anticipate further expansion and we place the whole of Hartley’s staff in employment as well as our own."

When Bayards move to their new premises the present store will be closed down. The building at the corner of Melbourne and Grey Streets is the property of Mr. D. B. McCullough.

Bayards' business was established more than 40 years ago by Mr. W. J. P. Harris and the late Mr. G. A. Bayard in small premises a few doors from their present store in Melbourne Street. Later the partnership was dissolved, Mr. Harris going to Rockhampton, where he started a similar business. Mr. Bayard carried on the Melbourne Street business on his own and later took his sons into partnership.

Hartley's building, which the firm has purchased, has just been completed at a cost of £50,000. The property, which was acquired from Mr. George Logan in 1934, extends from Queen to Elizabeth Streets. The new building is of four stories and is designed on the most modern lines. It contains several features that are new to Brisbane, and by an ingenious arrangement of vents through the floors a constant circulation of fresh air is assured, and the Interior is almost as cool as an air-conditioned building. To reduce the cost of moving stock from South Brisbane, Bayards are holding a big removal sale, which starts tomorrow.


"George Arthur Bayard (1866–1933) was a drapery salesman who became a prominent businessman, creating the Bayards department store chain. In his later years, he was member of the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce and Queensland Chamber of Manufacturers, and at one stage, a Stephens Shire Councillor. His four sons were all involved in running the business, and took the reins of Bayards after George Bayard died in the 1930s. They passed on the responsibilities to the next generation of Bayards, with three grandsons of George Bayard carrying on the business up until it closed."

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