The grand Victorian-style post office of Warwick, Qld

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Warwick Examiner and Times, Saturday 27 August 1898

Postal Information

Sign your letters in full, so that if they reach the dead-letter office they may be promptly returned. Failure in this respect compels the destruction of many letters that would otherwise be returned. 

Do not fail to give your correspondent your full address, so that a new postman cannot fail to find you. 

Make sure that the address of your letter is full and complete, and that it includes not only the name of the post town but also the name of the street. 

Do not trust to the fact that your correspondent is an "old resident", "well known citizen" etc. Though well known to you he may not be known to the postman. 

Postage rates in Queensland are: 

On town letters, 1d per 1/2 oz. The town rate extends to a radius of 8 miles from the General Post Office. To all places beyond the colonies posts union rates must be paid, namely, 2 1/2d per 1/2 oz.

[...] Every care is taken of parcels, and those marked "fragile" are carefully packed in baskets provided for that purpose. Guards are also provided for slender articles such as umbrellas, parasols, whips, walking sticks etc. 

[...] Do not try to cheat the revenue by sending two newspapers are one; you are pretty sure to be found out, and your papers will be sold as waste paper. In dealing with the post office as in all other dealings, you will find that "Honesty is the best policy".



Warwick Post Office opened in 1898, replacing an earlier post office built in 1884. It designed by the Queensland Government Architect, A.B. Brady, in a contemporary Baroque Revival style. 


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