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Miss Town and Country Riding Club
News of the day

The Courier Mail, Monday 17 June 1940

Miss A.I.F. Contest

Mr Owen Perrott has brought six of his best horses to take part in the Camp Drafting display to-day to support the candidature of Miss Lorna Studders, Town and Country Riding Club Miss A.I.F.

The programme will begin at 10.30 and there will be events for children as well as for adults.

A campfire ride to Nudgee Waterholes leaving Studders' stables at 7 o'clock, is planned for next Thursday evening, and a dance will be held in the Hamilton Town Hall for the same candidate on Saturday evening.

To assist Miss S. Willey, the music representative in the Miss A.I.F competition, Miss Nita Bell will convene a musical luncheon in the City Hall on Thursday.

The East Brisbane Juvenile Band and the Australian Scots' Association Pipe Band will be among those contributing to the patriotic concert to be held in the City Hall to-morrow night to further the candidature of the Brisbane City Council nominee in the Miss A.I.F. competition Miss J. Meiklejohn.


In 1940 the Official Entertainment Committee of the Patriotic Fund of Queensland announced its intention to conduct a "Miss A.I.F." Competition for the purpose of raising funds.

The competition was not considered to be in any way a beauty competition, but rather the winning candidate would be the one who was instrumental in raising the most money for the fund.

By the end of the competition, more than £20,000 had been raised for the Patriotic Fund.

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