Mayne Hotel: cellar entrance

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Morning Bulletin,

Friday 20 October 1899, page 5


The "Western Champion" of Tuesday last contains the following paragraph: Mr. J. J. Norris, the Cork mailman, brings the following particulars of a terrible occurrence which happened on Tuesday last at the Mayne Hotel at Mayne River. It appears that a young girl named Minnie Bampfield, who had only been at the hotel a few months, whilst engaged in washing some clothes at about three o'clock on Tuesday afternoon, went too near the fire, and her dress caught alight. A strong breeze was blowing at the time, and before the fire could be extinguished the poor girl was so terribly burnt that she succumbed to the injuries on Wednesday afternoon. The unfortunate girl was a new arrival in the colony, and had been engaged to go out to the Mayne Hotel three days after her arrival in Townsville. She was very much liked, and great sorrow is expressed at her tragic end.


Contained within the Diamantina National Park, the remains of the MAyne Hotel are significant cultural remnants of European hisotry in the area.  The 22 registered graves recorded in the park date between 1884 - 1944.

Courtesy of Diamantina Nationa Park


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