Original Brisbane Boys Grammar School, Roma Street, Brisbane, 1869

The Grammar Schools Act, which was passed during the very first session of Queensland’s first parliament, provided for any municipality in the colony which could raise £1000 through private subscription to establish a grammar school, an annual grant of £2000 in addition to an endowment of £500 per annum. During the passage of this legislation the Legislative Council had attempted to amend it by removing the limitation of one grammar school for each municipality, the first assertion by the Upper House that its powers were coordinate with that of the Legislative Assembly. Considering the expense which could possible result from this amendment it was later withdrawn. The legislation addressed the need for secondary, in addition to, primary education and Queensland’s first grammar school was opened at Ipswich by Governor Sir George Ferguson Bowen on 25 September 1863. Sixteen pupils were enrolled when classes began the following month. Brisbane’s first grammar school, a Victorian Gothic Revival building designed by James Cowlishaw, opened on 1 February 1869.


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