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The Courier Mail, Tuesday 20 March 1934

Gillies Highway

The beautiful Range road that links Cairns with the Atherton Tableland will be known in future as the Gillie's Highway. In this way it is proposed to perpetuate the name of the late W. N. Gillies, former Premier of Queensland.

Notice of the alteration in the name of the road, which was known officially as the Cairns-Range-Tableland Highway, is contained in the latest monthly report of the Commisioner for Main Roads (Mr. J. R. Kemp). The new name is apt for the late Mr. Gillies was member for Eacham. The road runs through the Cairns, Eacham, and TInaroo local authority areas, connecting the Eacham Shire with the coast. Mr. Gillies as a Parliamentarian, was keenly interested in the construction of adequate roads for the Tableland, and it was during his tenure of Ministerial office that the Main Roads Act was initiated.

The highway that has now been renamed in his honour is one of the finest scenic roads in Australia. It is a masterpiece of engineering skill, and gives tourists and unforgettable view of some of the richest country in the world.




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