Customs House, Queen Street and Petrie Bight, Brisbane, October 1926

News of the day

The Courier-Mail, Monday 13 March 1939


SIR, -I have just escaped being run down at the Custom House tram section stop in Queen Street by a very wet motor car driven by a woman. My calling makes it necessary for me to board trams at this stop, and I think the narrow shaves I have had are responsible for my grey hairs. A tram stops at this section; you want that car; it is raining steadily, and just as you are, so to speak, poised in mid-air to step on to the road a motor car rushes past and you scramble back just in time. There seems to be no provision here for regulating the traffic - pedestrians wishing to board trams and drivers of motor cars seem to vie with each other as to who shall get there first. -Yours, &c., Brisbane. JOHN G. WARREN.




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