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Evening Telegraph, Tuesday 8 February 1916, page 2


The bursary given annually by the Charters Towers Masonic Lodge 1546 E.C. has this year been won by Master Clem Collyer, the third brother to win this bursary, and the fifth out of six pupils of the Queenton State School to win it. This speaks well for the efficiency of the school and of the painstaking and ability of Mr. J. M. Dorratt, who has been the teacher in each case. It is noteworthy also that Mr. Dorratt has been successful without resorting to night classes or Saturday classes to attain the results. Master Clem Collyer also passed the examination for admittance to the High School and gained a scholarship. The Queenton school with Mr. Dorratt as teacher, gained no less than four scholarships. The bursary is worth £25, lasts for one year and must be spent on the education of the winner, who must be the child of a Mason.


The Charters Towers Masonic Lodge was constructed in two stages in 1887 and 1896-97. The building is a prominent structure within the city, and is illustrative of the prosperity of Charters Towers in the late nineteenth century, and the importance of the Masons within the local community.

Queensland was the last Australian state to have a Freemason's Grand Lodge. The first lodges were established in Brisbane by 1859 and the first lodge in Charters Towers was established on 23 March 1875. Fourteen people were present at the first meeting held at Hishon's Hotel. Installing Master, Mr Brodziack of Townsville, installed Gold Warden, WSEM Charters, as the first Worshipful Master. Charters served two terms as Worshipful Master of this first lodge which was known as the Charters Towers Lodge No.1546EC.

Courtesy of the Queensland Heritage Register .


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