Lands Office, Ipswich
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Brisbane Courier, Wednesday 15 November 1922, page 7



Lands Office.

The executive or the Chamber of Commerce yesterday received word from Mr. F. Cooper, M.L.A., that the Public Service Inspector had recommended the closing of the Lands Office because there was not sufficient work to warrant its maintenance. It is proposed to have the Lands Office work done at the Courthouse, and to install a labour bureau at the premises now occupied by the Lands Office. This would probably allow the chamber's request for a tourist bureau to be satisfied. The executive resolved to reply to the effect that it did not strongly favour the proposal to transfer the Lands Office to the Courthouse, but if the change gave the necessary accommodation, which was considered doubtful, the scheme might be acceptable to the chamber, provided arrangements were made for the establishment of a tourist bureau in connection with the labour bureau.


The Lands Office on East Street, between Limestone and South Streets, was erected in 1877. This plan includes the materials and the cost of construction. Built in 1877 on land that was the Market Reserve or Sale Yards. It was demolished ca. 1980 and became the site of the Courthouse in 1981. A new Courthouse was built at 43 Ellenborough Street in 2009.

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