Architectural drawing of the proposed Hospital, Cairns
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Morning Post

Wednesday 8 August 1900

The Cairns Hospital

To the Editor of the "Morning Post"

Sir, - As usual, I, like every visitor, am delighted at the effectiveness and general good management of your hospital. It still more than retains the proud position it has ever held in this district, but I am surprised at the false economy displayed by the committee in regard to the nursing staff.

At present it is totally inadequate - at least one more nurse (I think I should say two) is necessary. There is literally no accommodation for the nurses, and without proper rest and sufficient hours for recreation, no nurse can do good work. This being now impossible, I consider the matter of paramount importance and urgent. Without a complete nursing staff a surgeon is powerless. I have to express my admiration for the matron, Miss Walpole, who is an ideal nurse, but who, under present arrangments has to do more than her own special work.

Yours faithfully,





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