View of Stanley Street showing wooden buildings and horse drawn carts

The Brisbane Courier
Tuesday 19 March 1867

Albert-Street Wesleyan Sabbath School

[...] Notwithstanding the peculiarly untoward circumstances through which the colony has been, and now is, passing, our numbers have not in the aggregate diminished, a small increase having taken place during the year. The constant changing of residence which has occurred of late (occassioned by the inability of many of the parents of our children to obtain a living in Brisbane or its suburbs) has produced a prejudicial effect upon some of our schools, necessitating the removal of a large number of scholars; but this same circumstance has brought into the neighborhood of our other schools new arrivals, who have replaced those who have gone to other parts of the colony to reside, and thus our numbers have been balanced. Out staff of teachers, though not thoroughly adequate to the onerous task of instructing so many children, is nevertheless comparatively well maintained. True, the same cause which has scattered so many of our scholars has compelled several very valuable teachers to resign their work, and entailed upon the schools a corresponding injury. The great scarcity of suitable persons who are willing to be sufficiently self-denying to join the ranks of the Sabbath School teacher, considerably augments the difficulty in replacing these teachers. Surerly, if there ever was a period in history of Sabbath Schoolls in this colony, when their claims upon the consideration of those members of our congregrations who are not actively engaged in any church work, it is the present. Hundreds of children are growing up around us totally uncared for spiritually. In their cases no effort is being made to counteract the morally evil influences which the circumstances in which they are placed is exerting over them. Think of the tendency of many of the pernicious customs of society to morally taint their characters and to form in them habits, which, as they mature, plunge them into the very vortex of crime and sin.

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