Railway Station, Blackall

News of the day

Longreach Leader, Friday 30 January 1953, page 9


At the annual general meeting of the Blackall Branch of the Australian Labour Party on Sunday, members decided to make an all-out effort this financial year to have a new railway station erected in Blackall to replace that at present, which was variously described as –“Antiquated," "Obsolete,” “Not fit for goats to camp in--though they do."

Present railway station building was unanimously condemned and was claimed to suffer by comparison with similar improvements in other Western towns of much smaller population than Blackall.


Capricornian, Saturday 16 November 1907, page 37


(From Our Own Correspondent.)

The rumoured extension of the railway beyond Backall was discussed; but it was agreed that the association should not take any action in the matter until it was officially known that the Government intended to table the proposal.

The Blackall railway station is nearing completion. The material for the goods shed is also on the ground. The rails are laid to a point some three chains past the station.


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