View of Queen Street in the 1920s Brisbane showing building facades


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The Telegraph, Saturday 4 December 1920, page 2


Quite considerable interest was caused in Queen Street this afternoon at about 12.30 by the appearance of a motor car having for passengers a lady and gentleman and what appeared to be a young tiger. Inquiries elicited the fact that the lady was Astras, now appearing at Fuller's Theatre, and the animal her pet panther, "Beauty." Questioned as to the risk entailed, the lady volunteered the information that there practically was no danger at all.


Creek Street is a major street in the central business district of Brisbane. The street follows a one-way south-north direction, starting at the beginning of Charlotte Street and cutting through Elizabeth Street, Queen Street, Adelaide Street, and Ann Street before coming to an end at Turbot Street in the northern end of the CBD. Creek Street was named for the filled-in creek over which it was constructed, and is an exception to the convention of parallel streets in the CBD being named after male royals.

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