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Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933), Monday 31 January 1927, page 9



WINTON, January 29.

There was great enthusiasm at the ceremony of switching on the electric light on Thursday night at the power house, which was conducted in the presence of a large crowd, who assembled in motors and on foot, to be present at the most important event in the history of Winton. The ceremony was performed by Councillor L. Irving, chairman of the shire council. Speeches were made by the chairman, Councillor T. J. Shanahan, Mr. R. J. Gibney (Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce), Mr. Frank McKeon (Chairman of the Longreach Chamber of Commerce), and Mr. J. A. Nicklin (representing Mr. Harding Frew). The scheme was most successful, especially the street lights, which are much appreciated.


Longreach Leader, Wednesday 7 December 1938, page 20

The Winton Power House and Staff

The Winton Electric Authority, under the control of the Winton Shire Council, was inaugurated in 1927 and today has 275 consumers. There are 1500 people in the supply area and a mileage reticulation of 8 1/2.

The plant comprises one 200 h.p. and one 240 h.p. charcoal gas producers; one 120 b.h.p Ruston Hornsby twin cylinder suction gas engine direct coupled to a 75 k.w. generator: two 60 b.h.p. National suction gas engines, direct coupled to 30 k.w. generators and the distribution system is 480/240 volts, three wire D.C.

The service is continuous and current is supplied to the Alba Wool Scouring works and to an automatic 25 b.h.p booster pump on an artesian bore about one mile from the power house.

The picture at the top shows the main switchboard; the central pictures give a view of the engine room taken from the front door and at the bottom, a general view of the power house with the staff in the foreground. From left they are - J. Ewan (engine driver), JP. Hutton (engineer in charge), T. J. Shanahan (chair-man Winton Shire Council), W. Watkins (apprentice), F. Hutton, junr. (apprentice), W. Parker (engine driver).


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