Country Women's Association (CWA) Hall, McKinlay.

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Townsville Daily Bulletin, Saturday 15 August 1931, page 8


On Saturday last the monthly meeting of the MacKinlay [sic] Branch of the C.W.A. was held in the Bush Nursing Home owing to previous arrangements necessitating the use of the hall. A very hurried meeting was inevitable as all members were eager to take up duties at Paddy's Market. General business was discussed and fortunately very little correspondence was to hand. Mrs. Rolfe was heartily voted again the Secretaryship at Mrs. Mclntyre's resignation. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded the retiring secretary. The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the President. Early in the afternoon Paddy's Market was a scene of great activity. Beautiful donations of sewing and fancy work, large supplies of vegetables, jams, pickles, eggs and flowers while temptingly dressed pork and mutton were well in evidence and were all artistically arranged in the Masonic Hall, kindly lent for the purpose. Keen buying as well as selling soon robbed the tables of their supplies. The children greatly appreciated their corner including dips, cakes, sweets and drinks. An attractive sweets table was soon minus its daintv baskets. At night a dance was held and proved, as the day, most successful, about £40 being cleared altogether. The Committee wish to express their many thanks to all who helped either by donations or personal assistance. The C.W.A. function arranged for race night, September 5th has been cancelled, that night being afforded to the Masons for their Opening of Functions and will be in the form of a dance with excellent music and supper provided. We are pleased to have a delegate at Conference and we wish the Session every success.

McKinlay is named for the nearby McKinlay River—itself named for its European discoverer, the Scottish explorer John McKinlay who passed by the area in 1861.[4] Gold was discovered in the area in 1872 and a letter receiving office was opened in 1883. The town was surveyed and allotments sold in 1888. The offices of the Shire of McKinlay were located in the town until 1930 when they were relocated to Julia Creek.[5] Mackinlay Post Office opened on 1 April 1894 and was renamed McKinlay in 1909.

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