The Gympie Flood, June 19 1873


News of the day

The Darling Downs Gazette and General Advertiser

Wednesday 25 June 1873


The flood here have been very high, the water having reached into Mary-street. The greater portion of the One-mile township is swamped; the whole of the Smithfield line is flooded, as likewise the Abyssinian Venture, Junction and Glanmire, Glanmire Extended, United Monkland and Glanmire and Columbia claims.

The flood is now slowly subsiding.


Many of the early farmers were originally timber getters. The Gympie area was heavily timbered with hardwoods, rainforest and huge amounts of Hoop Pine. Cedar was considered a valuable timber and was in demand for cabinet making and boat building as well as houses and barns. Cedar enticed the first timber getters to the district where the industry was an all year process with felling in the winter and sending the logs down river to the mills at Maryborough in the summer when the Mary River was swollen with flood waters from storms. Large quantities of Cedar and Hoop Pine was shipped south to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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