Girls and Infants School, Mount Morgan

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Evening News, Thursday 22 August 1935, page 1

Ground To Be Park.

THE handsome school-room which was a portion of the one-time Girls' and Infants' School, at the corner of East and Pattison Streets, Mt Morgan, is now being dismantled. It will be re-erected at Rockhampton as an addition to the Anzac Club, having been sold to the Rockhampton branch of the R.S.S.I.L.A.
The school grounds will, it is understood, be handed over by the Government to the Mount Morgan Shire Council, to be used as a public park or children’s playground.
The land, which covers a whole block, is fenced all around and centrally situated, and will make an ideal park.
It is to be hoped that when it is handed over to the council they will not go to sleep over the matter, as has been the case by former and present councils in the matter of the Anzac Memorial Park, situated at the bottom end of Morgan Street, overlooking the Mount Morgan Company's mine and works.
Shortly after the war a brain wave swept over some members of the Mount Morgan Town Council, who thought it was only right that the town should perpetuate the memory of Anzac by establishing a park. They decided on buying a piece of land which most people here considered eminently unsuitable for the purpose. They had a fence erected, a few trees planted, and a large gate placed at the entrance, which was then locked up by a massive chain and lock, and has remained locked to the present day.
Now and again a stray horse or two may be seen eating down the noxious weeds and grass.
A tip that could be offered to the present shire council is to sell this piece of land and its valuable fence, and with the proceeds spend it on the new park in the erection of lawn tennis grounds, swings, slippery slides, band rotunda, &c.




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