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Saturday 3 November 1900, page 20


(From Our Own Correspondent)


At the Police Court this morning, before the Police Magistrate, William Pelin was charged with attempting the murder of one Alfred McClelland by striking him over the head with an axe.

Edwin Devine, police constable stationed at Mount Morgan, deposed that in consequence of a report made to him on Saturday evening, the 27th instant, at about ten minutes to six o'clock, he went in search of the accused ; shortly afterwards he saw him going through the Mount Morgan Gold-mining Company's paddock ; he went up to him and asked him what he had been up to at the Railway Hotel ; accused replied, "I don't allow anyone to spit in my face ; I've got the principle of a man in me ;" he then asked him to accompany him to the watch-house, and on arrival he handed him over to the watch-house-keeper ; witness then proceeded to the Railway Hotel ; on arrival there he saw Senior-sergeant Kelly, Alexander Reid and William Williams ; he took possession of an axe which had bloodstains upon it, and now produced it ; Reid and Williams examined the axe before he took it away ; he then went into the back yard of the hotel and saw several spots of blood lying about near a wood heap, also marks upon the ground as if a struggle had taken place there ; he subsequently proceeded with Senior-sergeant Kelly to the Mount Morgan Hospital and saw a man named Alfred McClelland lying on a bed in the accident ward with his head bandaged up ; he appeared to be unconscious ; the Resident Surgeon, Dr. Murray told him something, and he returned to the watch-house and charged accused with attempting to murder Alfred McClelland ; accused replied, “I don't deny anything but I didn't intend to kill him ;” witness returned to the Hospital on the following day (yesterday) and took possession of a pair of trousers and a singlet with bloodstains upon them; he showed them to McClelland and he told him something ; accused was perfectly sober when he arrested him.

On the application of Senior-sergeant Kelly accused was remanded for eight days.

On inquiry at the hospital this afternoon I am informed that McClelland is doing as well as can be expected, taking into account the serious nature of the wound.


The Mount Morgan Court House, constructed in 1900, demonstrates the growth of Mount Morgan following the discovery of gold at the Mount Morgan Mine and reflects the importance of the town during this time.

Courtesy of Queensland Heritage Register


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