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The Brisbane Courier

Monday 27 March 1882

The Museum

[...] On the first floor, amongst the fresh objects of interest the portion of a tank in which Mrs. Watson, with her child and Chinese servant, made her escape from Lizard Island, at present attracts the most attention. The tank is about 2ft. deep and 4ft. square. It is very much corroded by rust, is so rotten that in places the thumb could almost be thrust through it, and has several large holes in its sides and bottom. Even allowing for the damage that the tank must have suffered since brave Mrs. Watson made her perilous journey of forty miles in it from Lizard Island to No. 5 Howick Group, it seems almost incredible that two persons and a child could have made such a journey in so frail a bark, and testifies more eloquently than words can do to the courage of the woman who undertook such a journey as the last means of saving herself and her babe.



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