QSA DID 2796: The application to the Visual Arts Board, Australian Council for the Arts for a capital grant for the construction of the new Queensland Art Gallery, dated 15 July 1975
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From the end of World War II Brisbane's South Bank precinct, once a thriving industrial and service area, had fallen into neglect. In the early 1970s the Queensland Government, led by Premier Johannes Bjelke-Petersen, resolved to develop the site as a major cultural complex, an ambitious project dependent on funding from the Australian Council for the Arts. The quest proved successful, and work began on the site in 1977. In 1982 the Queensland Art Gallery was relocated to the new complex, followed three years later by the completion of the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. In 1986 these venues were joined by the Queensland Museum and, in 1988, by the State Library of Queensland. The Queensland Cultural Centre provided an enormous boost to Queensland's intellectual and cultural life.


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