• Amity Claytons Bus c.1930

  • In the 1930’s, Bert Clayton operated a guest house at Point Lookout.  He started a bus service from Amity point to Point Lookout in 1934. (North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum 1994. Historic North Stradbroke Island Dunwich Queensland.) 

    Photo courtesy Harold Wale Estate. 

    Reference number: P987-33

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Black and white photo of a bus on a sand track

Bert Clayton owned a small Bedford bus and a 30 hundredweight well type truck which was also used for passengers when necessary.  The truck, that was most times overloaded, carried all the building material and supplies for Point Lookout.  The road that Clayton constructed from Amity to Point Lookout, along the edge of the swamp, was no more than a single set of wheel tracks through mostly heavy sand.  Known as the sandtrack, it was later officially named as Clayton’s Road in recognition of Bert Clayton.  (North Stradbroke Island Historical Museum Amity North Stradbroke Island Compiled from the writings of Bob Gregory.  1999.)


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