Black and white photograph of Rockhampton Hospital buildings, c.1910.  The two-storey buildings are brick and timber, with wide verandas upstairs and downstairs, surrounded by garden beds, with a gravel driveway., and white picket fencing

The first hospital in Rockhampton was established in approx 1858, and was soon inadequate for the growing population of the area.  In 1868 a new hospital building was constructed on the Athelstane Range, south of the town centre, with a further extension in 1869, and a third wing added in 1879.  Beryl Campbell began nursing training at the Hospital in 1908, and graduated in 1911.

Hospital history courtesy of David Carment

Additional image

Sometime during her tenure at the hospital, Beryl Campbell obtained a series of photographs by Walter E. Perroux of the staff, rooms, and buildings.  This photograph shows the inside of a ward.  

Black and white photograph of a ward inside Rockhampton General Hospital.  The room has high ceilings, and french doors, with open fanlight windows above them.  Seven beds are visible in the image, but there were probably more.  Each bed has a mosquito net.  There is a potted plant in the room, a picture on the wall, and what appears to be a sideboard against the wall with vases of flowers on it.  One patient lies in the far bed, and a nurse stands nearby.


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