Street view of the concrete bridge in Mackay with traffic passing overhead

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Daily Mercury, Wednesday 21 March 1945, page 2

Old Friends Met, Old Times Recalled

At present on a visit to Mackay is a very old former resident, in Mr. J. C. (better known among his friends as "Jack") M'Mullan. In earlier years he was associated with Mr. J. Michelmore, senr. In fact his first job on leaving school was in Mr. Michelmore's shop when that gentleman first opened what has grown to the present extensive business bearing his name.

Born an Ballymena, County Antrim, he came to Queensland as an infant with his parents in the Scottish Knight, landing at Rockhampton 69 years ago. His father, Mr. Dan M'Mullan, was shortly afterwards appointed overseer of the carrying operations in the construction of the Emerald railway. Coming to the Mackay district later, he was appointed by Mr. Wm. Hyne as overseer of Meadowlands plantation.

Mr. Jack M'Mullan was a first-day pupil of the Te Kowai State school, which at that time was conducted by Mr. F. H. Perkins, sen., who opened the school. Upon completing his education "Jack" was appointed to a position by Mr. Michelmore, which he held for 25 years.

Feeling an urge to visit his homeland, he resigned his post and went to see his people in the counties of Derry and Antrim, also touring Scotland and England, the trip occupying 18 months. Upon his return to Mackay he again entered the service of Michelmore & Co., in which he continued until the outbreak of the 1914-18 war, which he enlisted in the AIF.




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