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Brisbane Courier, Monday 25 February 1924, page 15


Soldiers' Memorial. – The matter of erecting a war memorial was again brought up at a meeting held recently. Three suggestions were put forward. The first was a concrete swimming bath; the second, that the recently-erected infectious wards at the hospital should be dedicated to fallen soldiers, with a suitable tablet containing the names of the fallen soldiers; and the third, that a memorial ward be erected at the Mitchell Hospital. The third proposal was agreed to.

Balonne Beacon, Thursday 19 June 1947, page 4



A Mitchell message states that at a public meeting when the matter of a War Memorial for Mitchell and District was discussed, it was decided that .all the schemes suggested be submitted to a postal vote of the house-holders of the Shire of Booringa, the residents being asked to vote for the particular scheme they considered the best, and also to signify the amount they were prepared to subscribe.

The following schemes will be submitted to the vote:—

1 — New Ambulance Centre.

2 — -Memorial Pavilion at Show.

3 — Existing School of Arts to be taken over, rebuilt to function for a public library, recreational and club rooms for ex-servicemen.

4 — Memorial-Swimming Pool.

5 — Memorial Hall.

The "Maranoa News" states — "In conversation with an ancient councillor of the Booringa Shire, who was at the meeting, it appeared that everyone wanted a "Rolls-Royce" project, but from his experience of the people of the Mitchell District they would end up with "T-model Ford."

Balonne Beacon, Thursday 4 November 1948, page 5


WAR MEMORIAL:— The appeal for the War Memorial Swimming Baths, to be built in Mitchell, has been opened with a flying start. It is extremely gratifying to see this worthy cause get the response it so rightly deserves.

As a Memorial to those who fought in the 1939/1945 War, a swimming bath is an ideal memorial. Besides the fact that it will be pointed out for years as an outstanding achievement for such a small town and district it has the advantage of being a most practical type of memorial and one which will benefit the whole community.

In climates such as this, where in the summer months the heat is felt so greatly, we venture to say that the Memorial Baths will be the most popular spot in the district.

If a suitable plaque could be placed near the entrance with the names of those who served their country inscribed thereon, it would be constantly brought to the notice of all using these baths, which is rather a contrast to most other types of memorials.

Donations may be forwarded to the Secretary of the Booringa Planning and Progress Association, Box 49, Mitchell. These are a concessional rebate for tax purposes and official receipts will be given.

J. W. Fletcher              £100

J. Beitz                               5

R. Marshall                      15

W. J. Compagnoni             5

J. K. Macfarlane              10

B. T. Harris ..............5

Western Star (Roma), Friday 14 October 1949, page 6

Booringa Shire Council Meeting

From RSSAILA with reference to the present state of the Mitchell War Memorial Park and drawing Council's attention to the possibility of making a lawn and installing seats and swings. (The matter to be referred to the Parks Committee.)




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