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Daily Mercury, Saturday 24 January 1948, page 5


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After some hot weather a storm broke over the district on Sunday afternoon, but very little rain fell. The weather has been very favorable for the growth of cane which is now well forward. The crop is expected to be a little above average.

A public meeting was held in Koumala on January 18 with the object of naming the streets of the township. It was decided that the streets he named in memory of local men who gave their lives in the war and the names are Brown, Mumby, Graham, Bull, Malanos, and Andrews. On Saturday night the dwelling house of Mr. O. Ebner along with valuable furniture including a piano and refrigerator was completely destroyed by fire. Mr. Ebner and family had been at Grasstree beach during the holidays and was there when he was told of the fire.

Personal: The unsettled weather is bringing holiday-makers home from the beaches. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Atherton and family returned from Grasstree to-day. — Miss M. Pedersen is home on vacation from Warwick. — Miss A. Goodall, of Alligator Creek, is spending holidays with friends In Koumala. — Mr. and Mrs. S. Pedersen returned from Black's Beach last Friday. — Miss L. Currie is now home after a long holiday in Marian.— Miss R. Jenkins spent the school holidays at Alligator Creek.— Miss M. Heggie is spending a holiday with Mr. and Mrs. G. Blyth.— Mrs. A. Blount who is still in a private hospital in Mackay is progressing favorably.

Koumala R.S.L. held its annual meeting on December 21, and Mr. W. Jenvey was elected president in place of Mr. J. P. Heggie who retired. Messrs. Pearce and Heggie were elected vice-presidents and Messrs. J. Latchford, J. Cash, K. Chlllman were ap-pointed to the committee. Mr. J. Smart was re-elected secretary and Mr. A. F. Robertson treasurer.

The treasurer's statement showed a credit balance of £268/18/9. Mr. Lyons was ap-pointed auditor for the coming year and was thanked for his work during the past two years. A cheque was sent to a Legacy ward in the district as a Christmas present and the secretary was granted an honorarium of £10.

Koumala, January 19.


The Koumala War Memorial was erected in 1959. Funds for the memorial were raised by public subscription, arranged by the Koumala sub-branch of the RSL. The memorial was erected in honour of those who served in all wars and particularly honours the six local men who made the supreme sacrifice in honour of their country during the Second World War.

Six small trees have been planted by local school children with each tree representative of one the six men. Temporary plaques displaying the names were placed beside each tree and it is intended that these will be replaced with more permanent plaques at some stage.

Courtesy of Queensland Heritage Register


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