Old Court House/Police Reserve, Winton

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Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939), Saturday 23 October 1880, page 538


September 30.

OUR first court of petty sessions is to be held on the 6th proximo at the court-house, Winton. I had a difficulty to find the building, but through the courtesy of the C.P.S. I was put on the track, and lo! what did I see? a fine structure 6ft. by 8ft. outside Measurement, all of the best Gospel oak, with a bunk here and there and sundry police trappings, notably handcuffs and chain, in lieu of furniture. I had business to do, so called the C.P.S. into requisition, and while he wrote I wiped his brow with a 12 x 10 tent, and then carried him into the open air fatigued and exhausted. How will our justices suffer this?




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