• View of Charters Towers - An oil-on-board painting by William Jamieson Allom

  • This oil painting on board by William Jamieson Allom is titled "View of Charters Towers" and was painted in 1895. The painting shows the mining centre at the height of its prosperity when it was known as "The World". At left is the Mills Day Dawn United Mine, known as the "Show Mine of the Colony".

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William Jamieson Allom, Charters Towers

Pastoralists began moving in to the Charters Towers district during the 1860s, but the economic basis took a dramatic turn in 1871 when a young Aboriginal boy named Jupiter, who was working for prospector Hugh Mosman, discovered gold in the bed of a creek. While the announcement sparked yet another gold rush, the deposits at Charters Towers exceeded all expectations and ensured permanency for the township which arose. The last mine within the town precincts did not close until 1926, and during its boom period from 1872 to 1916 some 2000 tonnes of precious metal was extracted from 100 mines. The population peaked at 30,000, one of whom was the auctioneer and artist William Allom. At the time when he painted his landscape, Charters Towers was known far and wide as ‘The World’, a title seemingly confirmed when world-acclaimed soprano Dame Nellie Melba chose to perform at the Theatre Royal. Although the gold has long since gone, wealth continues to be generated through educational facilities, tourism, pastoral and agricultural enterprises.


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