Willie Mar's Vegetable Store, Winton

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Morning Bulletin, Saturday 29 February 1936, page 8


It is understood that a Chinaman named Willie Mar, who has a email shop in Kiley Street. Winton, was attacked in his shop by three men, who knocked him down and attempted to rob him, but were unable to find any money. The Chinaman's cries were heard and the police summoned. The victim was treated for an open scalp wound.


McKinlay is named for the nearby McKinlay River—itself named for its European discoverer, the Scottish explorer John McKinlay who passed by the area in 1861.[4] Gold was discovered in the area in 1872 and a letter receiving office was opened in 1883. The town was surveyed and allotments sold in 1888. The offices of the Shire of McKinlay were located in the town until 1930 when they were relocated to Julia Creek.[5] Mackinlay Post Office opened on 1 April 1894 and was renamed McKinlay in 1909.

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