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Daily Mercury, 19 July 1945


A representative of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration reports to his Australian office that many men, women, and children in the war-devastated countries of Europe are wearing not more than one garment each. In some cases members of a family of both sexes take turns to wear the only presentable coat, shirt or dress.

The Australian National Clothing Collection for Overseas Relief (ANCCOR) Is endeavouring to mitigate the hardships of the approaching European winter for the 135,000,000 persons In the stricken areas.

Citizens of the -Commonwealth everywhere are asked to clear out their clothes cupboards and wardrobes, make up bundles of clothing, footwear, blankets, and bedding and send them to the local collection depots.

"What can you spare that they, can wear?" the people of Australia are asked. Upon the reply depends the lives of millions who resisted the German attacks In Europe.




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