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Townsville Daily Bulletin, 29 April 1933, page 3


Sir— I am wondering If our councilors ever walk down Flinders-street with their eyes open. If so, they cannot have failed to see the holes and gaps In the pavement be tween Denham-street and Wickham-street, which are a veritable menace to ankles. Surely if funds will not run to relaying the pavement, a little asphalt should be applied, where required. At present It is a disgrace to the city and would not be countenanced by a third rate township


Flinders Street, Townsville, was named for Matthew Flinders (1774-1814) an explorer and naval officer who joined the navy in 1790 and was in Australasian waters from 1795 to 1799 where he carried out numerous explorations, made surveys and circumnavigated Tasmania. In 1801, whilst in England, he was given command of the 4 ton sloop Investigator and ordered to completely examine the Australian coastline. On his return voyage to England in 1803 he was detained by the French on Mauritius for six years. In 1814, his A Voyage to Terra Australis was published in London on the day before he died.

Courtesy of Highways and Byways: Origin of Townsville Street Names

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