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Johnstone River Advocate and Innisfail News, Tuesday 25 September 1934, page 2

Bridal mannequin parade. See Poy and Sons Pty. Ltd. Enterprise. Scenes at the Cabaret.

History was created in Innisfail's social world on Friday night last, when,for the very first time, a bridal mannequin parade was presented to the public.

The frocking, which was specially ordered by the firm of See Poy and Sons Pty Ltd. for the occasion, ran into almost three figures, and the performance was very spectacular.

The mannequins were all local girls and very charming the bride and her dainty maids looked as they paraded in the prettily decorated hall. 

To the strains of "The Wedding March," the bride made her appearance preceded by a little flower girl, Miss Audrey Oliver, who wore an ankle length gown of pink organdie trimmed with frills and a posy of flowers. 

Miss Eve Young, as the bride, wore a beautiful frock of white cotelle, cut on classical lines and featuring high neck line, the back adorned with mirror finished buttons, and her veil of embroidered tulle in designs of time lovers' knots was oval in shape. 

The two train-bearers, who followed the bride, were Miss Joan Both, wearing a white organdie frock with blue spots, trimmed with blue, organdie ruching, and Miss Joan Graham, in white organdie frock, with lemon spots, trimmed with posy of hand-made satin flowers. 

Eight charming maids attended, and each looked very spring-like in their frilly frocks and picture hats. 

Miss Eve Christmas looked attractive in lemon embroidered cristalosa, the bodice trimmed with French pleating, yoke laced with black cord. 

Miss Pearl Fisher, whose green organdie cristalosa in the smartest coin spot of white had frilled epaulets and scalloped hem.

Miss Grace Kohn, in white organdie cristalosa, embroidered in sky blue, large collar and frilled yoke, finished with 'hand-made posy.

Miss Jessie  Free, wore a smart white floral marquisette clarina, in the daintiest of colorings, with frills on hipline. 

Miss Audrey Linnett was well suited in pink, white and blue floral marquisette clarina, with cowl neck line and special feature of flared sleeves. 

Miss Beau Neale, lovely frock of lemon marquisette clarina, embroidered in lemon and white, lemon organdie ruching, and hand-made posies to suit. 

Miss Gwen Stevenson's white with red spot cristalosa, piped with black. Special feature of low neck line, skirt daintily made. 

Miss Ruby Nixon, striking frock of lemon cristalosa, embroidered with green spots, and French pleating on bottom of skirt in green, and also on yoke of blouse.

Each maid wore a large lacey picture type of hat to match their frocks.

Beautiful creations of Eastern kimonos and pyjamas were also displayed. One cannot imagine anything more beautiful than the embroidered kimonos, which Mrs. Johnstone See Poy purchased during her recent tour of the East. Several models were shown, and the work and designs seemed almost too rare to be worked by human fingers. 

Miss Eva Young showed a marone stencilled kimono, lined with crepe-de-cheine, also stencilled contrasting shades, and black milanese pyjamas with embroidered pink roses. 

Miss Ruby Nixon's handsome black crepe-de-cheine kimono, in beautiful Eastern design, lining of blue crepe-de-chene, with pretty floral stencilling, with pyjamas in pink lace trim dull bloom "Lustre". 

Miss Grace Kohn wore a lovely pink satin kimono, beautifully hand-embroidered, with pink crepe satin finely worked pyjamas. 

Miss Audrey Linnett, heavily embroidered kimono in blue, with pink silk lining, and attractive dull bloom pyjamas embroidered lustre in Arab blue. 

Miss Jess Free was in black crepe-de-chene hand-embroidered kimono, green dragon design, with lining to match, and lustre dull bloom night jama in Nile green. 

Miss Pearl Fisher sported the new backless nite jama, with smart coatee to match, trimmed with two-tone stripe.

Miss Eva Christmas, lace -trim velvaray pearl-glow night jama, the latest shade and fashion. 

Miss Beau Neale displayed a beautifully worked dull pyjama and kim. to match in camelia pink. 

Miss Gwen Stevenson, printed kimono in beautiful shades of grey, pink and black, with long, graceful sleeves.




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