Brisbane City Hall, showing the full length of the tall clock tower

The Brisbane Courier - 7 February 1930

A meeting of conductors and secretaries of the principal musical societies of Brisbane was held in the City Hall last night to discuss arrangements in connection with the choral evening to be held during the festival week, next April, to commemorate the opening of the new City Hall. The Town Clerk (Col. F. W. G. Annand) occupied the chair. It was agreed by the conductors and secretaries to co-operate in forming a combined choir of 210 voices, to be selected from the principal Brisbane choirs. The tentative programme drawn up includes Elgar's "Music Makers" (choir and orchestra), conducted by Mr. G. Sampson; Beethoven's "Hallelujah Chorus," from the "Mount of Olives." conducted by Mr. E. R. B. Jordan; Saint-Saens' "Soldiers of Gideon," sung by an unaccompanied male choir, conducted by Mr. L. Francis; and Mendelssohn's "Hymn of Praise" (choir and orchestra), conducted by Mr. Sampson. Practices are to be arranged for Monday and Tuesday evenings at the City Hall, commencing on Monday, February 17, and Messrs. Jordan and Francis will co-operate with Mr. Sampson in conducting them.

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